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Check out my newest song, "The Reason!" It's a mix of two great genres, rock and hip-hop, mixed perfectly together to form one great song. Listen and see if you agree. dated=1

My most innovative song yet! Check it out!

2012-08-03 15:47:49 by larrylarrybb

Check out my newest song, "Escalate." I went beyond what I normally make, which is techno. This song is not only techno, but it also contains rock with a little hip-hop and dubstep influences. It took me four days to make this and fine-tune it to the point where I was pleased with it. Listen to it and tell me what you think!

New Song!!! Favorite of the Year!

2012-07-25 12:33:44 by larrylarrybb

Check out my newest song "Golden Sparrows." It's my favorite song I've made so far this year, so I hope you'll enjoy it :)

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